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The WNA attended the Wednesday, 9/8/2021 meeting concerning the redesign and improvement of Broad Ripple Avenue.  The WNA gathered the information below. Your comments can be shared during our Annual Meeting on Tuesday, October 12th at 6:00 pm.

Per the city, “all questions and comments shared during and after the meeting will be addressed with an FAQ document that will be posted to the city’s website. This will be a living document that will be updated going forward. ” WNA will post a link when that document goes live.  

The Broad Ripple Village Association (BRVA)  recommendations  can be found  at

City transportation project details can be found at  

Project: Broad Ripple Avenue Improvements
Number: ST-11-066
Estimated Construction Cost: Approx. $6 Million
Timeline: Late 2021 to Late 2022
Description: The improvements will include new stormwater trunkline; stormwater manholes and inlets; new stormwater treatment structures; widening of the south sidewalk from College Ave. to Winthrop Ave.; pavement and sidewalk replacement, including ADA-compliant curb ramps; pedestrian and traffic signal upgrades and ornamental lighting as well as a new 12’-foot wide multi-use trail from the Monon Trail to Primrose Ave.

Here are the links to the handouts/slide show from the meeting 

In July, the WNA sent a letter of support to Councilman Keith Potts for Proposal No. 245, 2021 amending the City-County Annual Budget for IMPD requesting an appropriation to use active enforcement to prevent excessive speed and reckless driving in the areas listed in the proposal. See attached for more details.

City County Council Proposal 245, 2021 WNA Letter of Support

The WNA has been working on getting neighborhood signs with our new logo made and placed throughout our boundaries.  We have a wonderful logo, thanks to our neighbor Duane Rader, who graciously donated his time and hard work to create it for us.  Unfortunately, the bids we have received so far have exceeded $650 per sign, not including installation.  We are incredibly grateful for the few donations we have received so far but need more.  Visit our donation page where you can donate directly.  Until then, if you would like to donate, email us directly and we’ll get you in contact with our Treasurer.     

In an effort to help keep our neighborhood safe and facilitate community, we want to reach out to neighbors who are interested in becoming Block Stewards.  We will be sending out fliers or reaching out via social media with more information on how you can get involved.  Reach out to us with any questions or suggestions you might have as we develop this volunteer opportunity. 

Questions about improvements on your home?  

Residents are responsible for obtaining any necessary permits through the Indianapolis Department of Business and Neighborhood Services.  Property owners in Warfleigh are subject to many statutes, regulations, and ordinances at the state and municipal level, including the City of Indianapolis, and the County of Marion.

Interested in Public Safety?   Got a security camera? Help protect your home or business by registering your camera on IMPD’s data share network