Warfleigh Neighborhood Signage is Up!!

Your WNA submitted and won a $10,000 grant from the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource  Center to cover the production and installation of Warfleigh Neighborhood signage which brands our neighborhood as Warfleigh – Between the Waters.  We have installed 6 signs at key neighborhood entry points. These signs help identify Warfleigh to neighboring organizations and governmental agencies. We believe the WNA signage will help build a safer neighborhood, increase opportunities for infrastructure improvement, and help build pride in the neighborhood. If you would like to contribute towards additional signs or a maintenance fund to maintain and repair the signs, head over to the donate page on this website.

A big nod of thanks goes to WNA Development Chair Tammy Sajdyk and WNA Treasurer Lynn Levy. We are also  appreciative of coordination via Midtown Indy, logo and sign design courtesy of neighbor Duane Rader, and fabrication courtesy of Carl Willis and his company Jezroc Metalworks.

View the  WNA grant to see the proposal with photos and locations.