WNA Grant submission to Indianapolis Neighborhood Grant Program

Your WNA recently submitted for a grant in response to the City of Indianapolis Neighborhood Grant Program.  Projects that could be funded included community gardens, gateway signs, murals or projects that bring neighborhoods together.

In 2021, many (129) Warfleigh residents completed a neighborhood survey which was promoted on neighborhood signage and posted on the WNA website. The following priorities were established:

  • Beautification
  • Infrastructure
  • Communications

During the June neighborhood Block Party, neighbors once again reinforced key priorities as: Beautification,  Infrastructure, and Communications. The 2022 WNA committee goals  are available for review.

Your WNA submitted  a proposal for a $10,000 grant to cover the production and installation of Warfleigh Neighborhood  signage which will brand our neighborhood as Warfleigh – Between the Waters. The new logo was presented during the  2019 WNA neighborhood meeting, but Covid delayed fundraising opportunities. If we are successful in securing the grant, we will install 6 signs at key neighborhood entry points. These signs will help identify Warfleigh to neighboring organizations and governmental agencies. We believe the WNA signage will help build a safer neighborhood, increase opportunities for infrastructure improvement, and help build pride in the neighborhood. The turn around  for the grant was very quick and grants will be awarded on June 30th.

With success, the WNA  may also be eligible to submit for the second tier of funding which could help address other challenges. Your input will be requested, so keep an eye on the website. The grant must be submitted by October. If anyone would like to help us with this project, please contact Tammy at tsajdyk@iu.edu  We need people to join our committees to help change happen!

View the  WNA grant to see the proposal with photos and locations. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!