Warfleigh Neighborhood Association

2022 Annual Meeting

Virtual Meeting

Tuesday, March 8, 6:00 pm


Meeting Notes



Welcome – Steve Brining, WNA President

Current Board of Directors introduction


Guest Speakers


·      Casey Springer, BRVA update

o   Riverwalk – waiting on the City to give approval. 

o   BR Avenue Redesign – waiting on the City to give approval

o   Monthly annual meetups at Broad Ripple business; and once per quarter have gatherings to engage with neighbors and the community

o   April 2nd – deep clean of the village.  Looking for 70 volunteers to do all sorts of cleaning and beautification efforts

§  Monthly village cleanups every 1st Saturday from 10-12

o   Block champion program – partnering with ___ to give block champions some responsibility.  There are 12 areas, and 6 of them they still need a block champion

§  Contact: volunteers@brva.org

o   Applying for a grant to cover spaces that are repeatedly graffitied

o   Utility box at the corner of 64th and College will be covered by a flower mural

o   BRIP Card – offers discounts to BRVA household members at Broad Ripple businesses

o   Newsletter: https://www.broadrippleindy.org/stay-in-touch/


·      Natalie Van Dongen, Neighborhood Advocate, all things Indy update

o   February MNA Northside News here

o   Link to newsletter signup here

o   Mayor’s neighborhood advocates – liaisons between residents and city government and also resources within the neighborhoods that they cover

o   Pothole season – the city needs residents to report potholes through the app or browser application via Request Indy. 

§  The city is focusing on using the hot mix asphalt that becomes more cohesive with the roadway, rather than the cold asphalt

§  Please try to give them space for the safety of the construction crews

§  The city does not have funding currently appropriated for alleyways (non-named roadways)

§  Indianapolis Neighborhood Infrastructure Partnership has a matching grant opportunity though the DPW – potential to have parts of the roadways paved

o   Registered neighborhood organization tool GIS overlays that can provide a wide scope of information, including for the neighborhood organization and provide boundaries and contacts for neighborhood orgs, NPOs etc.                     

·      Libby Hiple, Meridian Arch update

o   Holliday Park Foundation has prioritized connectivity – and has identified the park as being trapped in a bit of an island.

o   The Arch connector project -- https://youtu.be/Y_eG0l5V0Eo

o   Raised over $150K in donations, and fundraising is still ongoing

o   Libby will provide Lynn with additional materials to update on Warfleigh.com


·      DPW 2022 project update

o   Warfleigh NA update here

o   March 2022 FCID update here --


Introduction of proposed bylaws change

·      Procedural changes for voting board members regarding even/odd numbers of board members, and what to do in the event of a tie


o   Changes are designed to make sure there is not a gridlock


 Vote on bylaws change

·      Proposed change

·      11 in favor; 0 opposed

Board of Directors candidate introductions

·      Libby Hiple | New nominee

·      Lynn Dimond


·      Sara Freeman

o   Intro PDF

·      Tammy Sajdyk

·      Chuck Flynn

Board of Directors vote by ballot (in-meeting survey question)

            Slate put to a vote – unanimously approved slate of the board members


Upcoming Events, Initiatives and Committees

·      Warfleigh 3.0 Committee Overviews

o   Infrastructure

o   Beautification

o   Strategic

o   Fundraising

o   Communications

o   Outreach

o   Governance

·      Block Stewards

o   Block steward map

Election results and meeting adjournment